Grooming Services

Pre-Groom Health Check

A pre-groom health check of ears, eyes, nose, teeth, gums, skin, coat, paws, nails and genitals. Any abnormalities found other than previously known will be notified to the owner and documented on the client‘s grooming record for health history (Client Record). The health check will be carried out at every visit prior to commencement of any grooming service.

Full Groom

Brush out, ear clean/pluck if required, feet and nail trim, hydro bath, facial scrub, blow dry, styling to your and your pets requirements ( clipping or scissoring ), plus a spritz of cologne to leave your pet looking and smelling beautiful.

This is the "full works" pamper treatment for your dog.  Only natural, professional shampoo/conditioning products are used suited to your pets skin condition.


Hand Stripping

Brush, hand strip, nails clipped and ears cleaned if required, bath and blow dry. Scissor styled & trimmed as required.

This treatment is offered for those terrier and spaniel breeds which have not been previously clipped and are routinely hand stripped. This is a labour intensive and time consuming process and as such is a much more expensive service.


Free Puppy Introduction (10 -15 weeks old):

The sooner a puppy is introduced to new experiences and environments, the quicker they become familiar with them. With this in mind I offer a puppy introduction session which will consist mainly of play and handling with a little basic brushing. They can even have a go on the grooming table if they are comfortable enough. For dogs who will require regular grooming as adults this is the perfect time to introduce them to the grooming environment so they become familiar with the process as early as possible.


Puppy’s First Groom

Once your puppy has been introduced to the grooming environment they will be ready for their first groom at 16 weeks. I will provide their first groom at a reduced rate.


Registered Guide and Hearing Dogs

Grooming of guide and hearing dogs will be provided free of charge. All I ask for is travel costs.


Grooming Costs

Grooming costs are dependant on the groom style required, the condition of the coat and skin at time of groom, the breed and size of dog. An estimated price will be discussed at initial consultation.



"Poppy really enjoyed being pampered by Kath"

"Our dog is really nervous but Kath made her feel at ease right away. We are looking forward to her next visit"

"Lick n Slick visited us in our own home taking away the stress & hassle for our pet"

"The hydro bath in the van is amazing"


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