Q: What are the benefits of brushing my pet regularly?

A: It not only keeps the coat matt free but also:

 It lets you keep an eye on your dog's health, checking for things like cuts, lumps, ticks or fleas that may not otherwise be seen through a heavy coat and spotting them early will save a lot of discomfort and pain for your dog.

It will enhance the bond with your dog. Regular brushing helps strengthen your friendship with your dog and keeps them used to being handled. It also makes them feel great so they’ll love you even more.


Q: How often should I brush my dog ?

A: Different coats require different levels of brushing ( daily to weekly) and even short haired dogs should be brushed regularly. Normally however, the more regularly you brush the coat the easier and quicker the job will be. I will be more than happy to talk you through this and help you with the maintenance of your dog’s coat.


Q: Can I stay to watch the groom ?

A: Its actually better if you leave the salon as dogs are like children and will play up more trying to get to their owner which can be dangerous for your dog if jumping around on the grooming table. If your dog is new to the grooming process or is old or nervous I will not hesitate to call you if I think your dog needs to return home or it would be beneficial for the welfare of your dog for you to be present.


Q: How often should my dog’s nail’s be cut ?

A: This really depends on your dog. If your dog is walked more on grass and fields than on roads he/she will need them cut more often as there is no surface to wear the nails down. If you are unsure you can just pop into the salon at any point and we can let you know if they need cutting.


Q: How often should my dog be bathed ?

Again this depends on your dog and how much he/she likes to swim in the river or roll in something unpleasant, but our shampoos are very mild so they will not cause any irritation to your dogs skin no matter how often you have your dog bathed.


Q: How often should my dog be groomed ?

A: This will depend on your dog’s lifestyle, the trim you require for them and how often you brush your dog at home. I will be able to advise you based on these factors the grooming frequency required to maintain your dog’s healthy coat and skin. 


Q: How soon can I have my puppy groomed ?

A: Your puppy can be groomed any time after he/she has had all of their vaccinations. It's a good idea to get them in young as it gets them used to the sounds and the environment inside the salon.


Q: How long will the groom take ?

A: Each groom takes on average,  2 to 2 and a half hours, which is mainly drying time as your dog has to be completely dry before I can finish the groom. The groom will take longer if your dog has not been brushed regularly, has a particularly long/thick coat if he/she is to be  hand stripped.


Q: What is hand stripping/plucking ?

A: A grooming technique used on wire coated breeds and some silk coats for the show ring or for pet owners who wish to retain the maintain the correct colour, texture, healthy coat and skin for the breed.

It is a process that removes a percentage of the dog’s topcoat or guard hairs whilst leaving the undercoat untouched. The coat will only come away from the skin if it has reached the end of it’s growth and is held in the skin papilla by friction alone.

Hand stripping is done by "plucking" these guard hairs out with fingers or stripping out with a stripping tool. This will allow the new guard hairs room to grow maintaining a healthy skin and coat. It is a very labour intensive process and as such a much more costly one so not always practical for many pet owners.


Q: Does Hand Stripping hurt my dog ?

A: Hand stripping, if done at the correct time in in the correct way does not hurt a dog and will not be stressful to them. The guard hairs are held in by friction only and when ready for hand stripping will come away by pulling gently without raising the skin. If the hair does not come out easily in this way then it is not ready for handstripping and should be left until it is or trimmed by an alternative method.


Q: What is the difference between hand stripping and clipping my dog’s coat ?

A: Hand stripping only applies to wire coated and some silk coated breeds. It retains the correct texture of the coat encouraging the course waterproof topcoat and leaving the dense soft undercoat helping maintain skin temperature. Clipping the coat shortens the course waterproof topcoat to the same length as the undercoat . The denser coat is is less likely to separate and move allowing air to dry moisture from the skin. Warm, damp skin can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The coat will be softer and in most cases lighter in colour. It is however a much cheaper and sometimes more practical groom for a pet owner to maintain.


Q: Can a bitch in season or pregnant be groomed ?

A: I prefer not to groom a bitch in season, during pregnancy or for several weeks after giving birth.

During the heat cycle and following pregnancy the cervix is open and susceptible to infiltration of bacteria. Bacteria that infiltrates the uterus through the cervix can lead to a very serious and potentially fatal condition called Pyometra.  Also, shampoo infiltrating the vagina of a pregnant bitch can cause puppies to abort. If an owner still requires their pet to be groomed after being advised of this, I will only carry out a minimal groom of a pregnant bitch or bitch in season if the owner signs a disclaimer absolving me of any responsibility for any medical occurrence following a groom.




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