About Us

About Us

Kath Potter set up Lick n Slick Mobile Dog Grooming to provide a professional grooming service at your own home or even place of work to remove the stress and inconvenience of dropping your beloved pet off at a salon and having to pick them up again later. Your best friend will be in familiar home territory and more at ease knowing you are close by. You can relax in your own home knowing that your pet is being given exclusive pampering and TLC right outside your door.

There are a great many styling options available based on the lifestyle of your pet and your own preferences. My role is to work with you in selecting the styling option that will make both you and your pet happy.


My bespoke mobile grooming salon has a wonderful hydro spa bath which dogs love as they are massaged with gentle jets of warm water. The spray head produces a unique hydro-combing action that massages and stimulates the skin, so not only is it the most effective way of washing your dog but also provides a therapeutic water massage. This helps with blood circulation, relieves tired muscles and has been found to be beneficial for arthritis sufferers and older dogs.

Water penetrates the coat getting right to the skin removing dry dead skin cells, embedded flea eggs and other materials that can be hidden and hard to get rid of, especially for dogs with longer and thicker coats. This promotes a healthier coat and improved skin condition.


My hydraulic grooming table can lower down to 6” to allow any pet to be helped onto it if they have restricted movement and to avoid unnecessary lifting.

All I need from you is access to your electricity supply and your precious pet - who will have been allowed to relieve themselves prior to my arrival.